February 2021

Idus 10-liter laboratory machine installed

Start-ups, seasonal product manufacturers, universities, R&D centers and product development departments are the main customers for small HPP units. IDUS has designed and manufactured the most compact, reliable and small 10-liter HPP machine. It has the same construction and parameters as any other industrial machine available in the market.

With this unit, our customer will be able to perform all the necessary tests and develop their HPP products, with their own machine in their own factory. This way they will control all the parameters of the process and the results will be 100% reliable and applicable to their future industrial production.

Although this machine is compact, it has a 135 mm inner diameter vessel that allows the user to process not only small samples of product, like other laboratory machines, but also the real product in its final package. This way it is possible to analyze the appearance and behavior of the entire product and check the results, both microbiologically and physically.

They chose IDUS Systems as their technological partner due to our experience in high pressure machinery and reputation with the outstanding service we provide worldwide to our more than 430 customers.

If you want to start in the HPP market with an affordable unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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