June 2020

First IDUS HPP machine succesfully installed

IDUS HPP SYSTEMS is proud to announce the installation of our first HPP machine in a local producer in Spain. The 50-liter unit installed is equipped with a two-step pumping system combining 4000 and 6000 Bar intensifiers with 45 kW of pumping power. With this combination our customer will benefit from clear savings in maintenance costs as we use the 6000 Bar intensifier for a shorter period of time during the machine cycles.

Our experience manufacturing high pressure food machinery and our proven outstanding service all over the world, made us the right choice for this company as their technological partner. Our customer will now enter the HPP market with a safer product protecting this way their brand and extending the shelf life of their products. This life extension will bring them the opportunity to change their logistics chain and minimize any loss from spoiled goods. Even more important, final customers will find in their local markets a safer, healthier product with all the natural properties and nutrients untouched.

 You can see the machine in action in this video.


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